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5 Fill in each of the two blanks with a particle. 1 ߎߜࠄߪ࡝࡯ߐࠎߢߔ‫ޕߔ߹ߒࠍࠬ࠾࠹ߊࠃ) () (ࠎߐ࡯࡝ޕ‬ kochira wa rii-san desu. rii-san ( )( ) yoku tenisu o shimasu “This is Mr. Lee. ” 2 ᷰㄝߐࠎߦEࡔ࡯࡞ߒ߹ߒߚ߇‫ޔ‬ጊ↰ߐࠎ( )( )ߒ߹ߖࠎߢߒߚ‫ޕ‬ watanabe-san ni ii-meeru-shimashita ga, yamada-san ( )( ) shimasen deshita “I emailed Ms. Watanabe, but didn’t email Ms. ” 4 వ᦬࠾ࡘ࡯࡛࡯ࠢߣࡏࠬ࠻ࡦߦⴕ߈߹ߒߚ‫) () (ࠢ࡯࡛࡯ࡘ࠾ޕ‬ ࡒࡘ࡯ࠫࠞ࡞ࠍ⷗߹ߒߚ‫ޕ‬ sengetsu, nyuuyooku to bosuton ni ikimashita. nyuuyooku ( )( ) myuujikaru o mimashita “I went to New York and Boston last month.

Relevant discourse elements have intentionally been omitted from the English translations. 1 ⑳{ߪ/߽}ᄢቇ↢ߢߔ‫ޕ‬ዊᨋߐࠎ{ߪ/߽}ᄢቇ↢ߢߔ‫ߪ{ࠎߐ࡯࡝ޕ‬/߽}ᄢ ቇ㒮↢ߢߔ‫ޕ‬ watashi {wa/mo} daigakusee desu. kobayashi-san {wa/mo} daigakusee desu. rii-san {wa/mo} daigakuinsee desu “I am a college student. Ms. Kobayashi is a college student. Mr. ” 2 ⑳ߪᲤᦺࠦ࡯ࡅ࡯ࠍ㘶ߺ߹ߔ‫ߪ{⨥⚃ޕ‬/߽}޽߹ࠅ㘶ߺ߹ߖࠎ‫ޔ߽ߢޕ‬ ࠝ࡟ࡦࠫࠫࡘ࡯ࠬ{ߪ/߽}ᤨ‫ޘ‬㘶ߺ߹ߔ‫ޕ‬ watashi wa maiasa koohii o nomimasu. koocha {wa/mo} amari nomimasen. demo, orenjijuusu {wa/mo} tokidoki nomimasu “I drink coffee every morning.

Uniform word order for statements and questions Word order in English varies according to whether a sentence is a statement, a YES-NO QUESTION, or a WH-QUESTION. Mr. Ito will eat pizza. [statement] Will Mr. Ito eat pizza? [yes-no question] What will Mr. Ito eat? [wh-question] In contrast, Japanese word order does not vary according to sentence types. The subject, object, and verb of the Japanese sentences corresponding to these English sentences can appear in the same order. ) દ⮮ߐࠎߪࡇࠩࠍ㘩ߴ߹ߔ‫ޕ‬ itoo-san wa piza o tabemasu [statement] દ⮮ߐࠎߪࡇࠩࠍ㘩ߴ߹ߔ߆‫[ ޕ‬yes-no question] itoo-san wa piza o tabemasu ka દ⮮ߐࠎߪ૗ࠍ㘩ߴ߹ߔ߆‫ޕ‬ itoo-san wa nani o tabemasu ka [wh-question] 29 4 Word order and sentence structure Placement of noun modifiers When creating a NOUN PHRASE (a unit consisting of modifiers and a noun), you must always place the modifier before the modified noun.

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