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They did not create altarpieces and large decorative schemes, and often they did not work directly on commission, but painted instead for a market which was supplied by various professional art dealers. Their speciality was realistic scenes of low life. The man regarded as the pioneer of the style was the Haarlem artist Pieter van Laer (1 592-1642), nicknamed 'II Bamboccio', a word which means 'doll' or 'puppet', and which refers both to Van Laer's dwarfish appearance and to the small size of the paintings he produced.

40, 41 But Bellange is signed Annunciation diptych by gravings in mood, and shows past: the diptych this, is also documented him survives. This the is is very a en- to look towards the medieval format. In addition to who was an adaptation from Diirer, source of ideas for Bellange just and like the same tendency a characteristically the Virgin Annunciate as a painter, as a he was for Pontormo and the young Rosso. Claude Deruet a 42 much greater ing, Fire, gives (1 Deruet must, in from 588-1660) was a less interesting artist number of paintings behind him.

Tournier has a restraint and classicism which seem typically French if we compare him, for example, to the Italian followers of Caravaggio who worked in Naples. His work also has a lingering trace of Mannerism. He, too, like Valentin, remained outside the mainstream of the French painting to his 48 43 of his time; he settled in Toulouse. His masterpiece is the Pieta, formerly in Toulouse Cathedral, which bears comparison with Caravaggio's Entombment. 48 NICOLAS TOURNIER Pied c. 1656-57 49 GEORGES DE LA TOUR The Penitence St Jerome The c.

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