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This dossier contains a number of pages commonly referring to phonology, morpho-phonology, proverbs and bibliography from «A accomplished Welsh Grammar (Reference Grammars)» through David Thome - a consultant to modern Welsh utilization and takes its examples from modern literary sources.
Этот файл - часть грамматического справочника Валлиийского языка (иначе называемом уэльским), включающий некоторые его разделы, и именно разделы по фонологии, морфемики, а также пословицы и поговорки, библиографию.

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In PA the distinc­ tion is not prirnarily between Sa and So' but between two tense/aspect paradigms: 'past perfective', which takes the A or S. 5; see Gildea 1998). Gildea (1998) has reconstructed the proto-Carib forms of the person-marking prefixes based 011 cogllate sets from nineteen languages. 5, 1 use his reeonstructed forms, but have modified the cognate sets to conform to the data in my own sourees and to inelude only the languages on which this study is based. 6 for the MA and KU sets), and also two languages for which my sourees do 110t provide the necessary data ­ KA and TX.

3 for further discussion on ergativity. 2). 6, for the ergative languages. The main difference ls the addítion of a third-person prefix, which does not occur in the O-oriented set, for reasons explained earlier in this section; the form of the prefix is í-, i-, 8- '3POSSR' in most languages (recon­ structed as proto-Carib '"y- by Gildea 1998). There i5 also a third-person reflexive possessor form, reconstructed by Gildea as '"t- '3REFL', and having that same form in nearly alllanguages. 2 for derivational affixes which form nouns and adverbs.

Each phrase in the sequence is usually separated by a brief pause. These sequences can be left-dislocated for emphasis or as a top­ icalizatíon device. More often they are right-dislocated, following the majn predica­ tion. A single noun or phrase can also be left- or right-dislocated, as is often the case with the PA post-verbal O constituent mentioned aboye. There can al so be dis­ continuous sequences in which the head phrase precedes, and the other phrases follow, the verb. For fuller discussion and exemplification, see Derbyshire (1985: 129-35) on HI, and Doris L.

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